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Awesome images Sidney. Your empathy for people always shows in your work :)


something about this photo. dramatic. as if she had just awaken from sleep in a lazy afternoon. and finds herself alone. where is everyone she asked and she wakes to the realization that everyone has left .. a long time ago.


POIGNANT, FORT ! quelle detresse. Bravoooo


I continue to find this whole series very moving Sidney....great it


Such a powerful series. The black and white was definitely the way to go with these. Excellent work.


these are a fine images, sidney... they leave me with a heavy heart but i'm sure that was the purpose.

Suby & Sinem

I have always said your B&W work is your best work, you just gone and proven it again with these awesome images :D


La dernière photo est superbe! Le cadrage avec d'un coté la vieille femme et de l'autre le fauteuil roulant est génial.


Amazing how all this people look so natural" inside" your camera...we can actually see how they live..we can almost see what they think...what they feel... You are really great in this kind of shots

Ashish Sidapara

Second photo tells the story, superb images!


Her wall cubholes box is almost empty and she also seems to be a very private person.

Amazing photo, Sidney!


j'adore la deuxième photo, il y a plein de poesie dedans :-) comme d'habitude tu as reussi encore!!


why she opted to position that plastic drawer cabinet in front of her bed instead of putting it at the end, continues to intrigue me. one thing about her smile though is that, she seems happy you're around Sidney.


that pictures really suggest a thousands of words..

ur the best!


your picture always has a story...


she looks so alone...


I like how you portray the isolation in the second photograph.


I agree with abaniko. the second picture speaks loads. it looks like a movie still. or a scene from a play. i like


She calls this place home but yet I noticed she has so little belongings. Poignant imagine Sidney. It makes people think.


They have so little.


There's a classic touch to the second photograph. I like it. It tells a story.

Michael Rawluk

You have a great eye for touching photographs. I love this combination of views of her.


Toutes ces images me reviennent comme un miroir qui me projette dans le futur . Alors je me demande .........

La Chouette

Le reportage que tu nous proposes sur ces personnes agés est plein d'émotion


Photos forte, impressionante de solitude

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